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SaberTooth The Swordsman Vol. 1: (2nd Ed) HC

SaberTooth The Swordsman Vol. 1: (2nd Ed) HC
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Writer: Gentry, Damon
Artist: Conley, Aaron
Cover Artist: Conley, Aaron
A second-edition hardcover that features three bonus color stories, a remastered pinup, and sketchbook section! When his village is enslaved and his wife kidnapped by the malevolent Mastodon Mathematician, a simple farmer must find his inner warrior! Granted the form of the Sabertooth Swordsman by the Cloud God, our transformed hero embarks on a treacherous journey to the Mastodon's fortress. o Second edition with bonus stories! o Pinups by Mike Allred, Brandon Graham, Aaron Conley, and others.
Price: $17.99
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Publisher Dark Horse
Diamond Id: OCT160041
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