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Wednesday, April 26, 2017. New Comics TODAY!

Savage Dragon Archives Vol. 3 TP

Savage Dragon Archives Vol. 3 TP
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By: Erik Larsen
Savage Dragon was dead, to begin with and by the end of this earth-shattering eouc, the world as we knew was dead as well. Featuring the resurrection of the Savage Dragon, the return of OverLord, the resurgence of the Vicious Circle and the revenge of Darklord. All this, and Dragon get married, gets widowed, and gets small. It's 25 action-packed issues of fandom's favorite fin-head! A thrill on every page! Collects SAVAGE DRAGON #51-75.
Format: BW, 576pg., TRADE PAPERBACK
Price: $19.99
Views: 132

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