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Bloodrayne: Tokyo Rogue #2 (of 3) Cvr A

Bloodrayne: Tokyo Rogue #2 (of 3) Cvr A
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by Troy Wall, Jake Bilbao, John Wycough, Joel Seguin
Covers by Don Walker and Michael DiPascale (250 copy Limited Edition)
Who is the enigmatic Hicharo? Is he friend or foe? And just how does his troubled past with the Brimstone Society tie into the life of the nefarious Kagan?! One thing is for sure: You will not believe the proposition he has in store for Rayne! Plus, more action with the deadly beauty Ayano as she enlists Severin to aid her in trapping an unlikely foe. All this and more as the battle in the land of the rising sun rages on!
Price: $3.99
Views: 7935

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Publisher Digital Webbing
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