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Comic Shop Locator Service Mail-order Yearly 2018

Comic Shop Locator Service Mail-order Yearly 2018
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The Comic Shop Locator Service (CSLS)-sponsored by Diamond, Dark Horse Comics, DC Entertainment, IDW Publishing, Image Comics, Marvel Comics, Gemstone, and potential customers with a listing of comic shops in their area, through its website, toll free phone number, smartphone, and social media platforms. To make registration easy and convenient for new retailers -- or those who haven't signed up or want to renew a lapsed membership -- Diamond is offering both monthly and annual billing on the March PREVIEWS Order Form. (NOTE: If you are a current CSLS member, and have already signed up at a yearly or monthly rate, you will be auto-renewed and DO NOT need to sign up below.) The CSLS is open to all brick and mortar comic book specialty shops; mail order services should register under separate codes below. Billing is done on your Diamond invoice on a monthly or annual basis (Save 10% when you choose annual billing!), whichever you prefer. Minimum registration period is for one year. For questions or more information, please contact your Retailer Services Representative.
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On Sale June 27, 2018
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