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Before Watchmen: Rorschach #1 (of 4) (MR)

Before Watchmen: Rorschach #1 (of 4) (MR)
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(W) Brian Azzarello, Len Wein (A) Lee Bermajo, John Higgins (CA) Lee Bermajo
"What made you this way?"
And don't miss the latest chapter of the CRIMSON CORSAIR backup epic from writer LEN WEIN and artist JOHN HIGGINS!
Price: $3.99
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This title may contain material inappropriate for younger readers.


Jahtentwo8 (5 months ago)
In response to Jahtentwo8
Has one* should not be there
Jahtentwo8 (5 months ago)
I absolutely love it, many of the other characters comics in this series have been rather disappointing thus far; but Brian Azzarello has won is a writer after my own heart, Stunning visuals and packed page to page with just the gritty action we've all come to expect from Rorschach, This is one comic in the series which will champion above all the rest.
tophee (7 months ago)
AMAZING ART! Ill give #2 a shot.

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Publisher DC Comics
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