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Dungeons & Dragons: Eberron--Annual 2012 #1

Dungeons & Dragons: Eberron--Annual 2012 #1
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(W) Paul Crilley (A) Paco Diaz (CA) Menton3
They call Sharn the 'City of Towers'... but it's what's below the surface that interests Abraxis Wren, the most notorious inquisitive in the land. As Wren and his assistant Torin begin an investigation that pulls at the strings that bind the city together, it's their own lives that might unravel! Writer Paul Crilley continues spinning tales in the exciting world of Eberron, following up last month's Infestation 2 crossover--joined by hot artist Paco Diaz (Wolverine)--in this double-sized, all-new annual!
Format: COMIC
Price: $7.99
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marshian84 (11 months ago)
In response to acdaddy
Agreed on all points!
acdaddy (11 months ago)
Woohoo! I loved the infestation 2 issue series set in Eberron and I loved this annual as well. I hope they make it an ongoing! Looking forward to the Forgotten Realms series kicking off next week but am wanting more of Fell's Five!! Where did they go?

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