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Saturday, March 24, 2018. New Comics were 3 days ago
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Punisher #10

Punisher #10
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(W) Greg Rucka (A/CA) Marco Checchetto
'The Omega Effect' Part Two! Guest Starring Spidey And Daredevil! A Perfect Time To Try This Highly Acclaimed New Series As Frank Castle Joins In With The Meanest Team-Up You Ever Saw. Forced To Work With Two Garishly Dressed Avengers, The Punisher Makes One Promise: 'Trust No One--Hurt Everyone.'
Format: FC, COMIC
Price: $2.99
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marshian84 (1 year ago)
agreed! I really like this punisher series, but avenging spider-man and Daredevil, no thanks. I have zero interest in them. x-overs = money scheme more then likely. Like night of the owls, I am only buying the issues to the series I currently read (and it's been said you will still be able to follow the story without buying Birds of Prey and all the other Bat related books), this however makes you buy other books just to get the whole story. Pass, I'd rather not have one issue of Avenging SM, or daredevil. Two characters that I avoid for a reason. I just don't find them fun to read, so I will just be waiting for Punisher #11 and not care how discombobulated the story seems. I'm willing to fill in plot holes from online forums instead of spending another ten bucks on marvel books i don't give a care in the world about.
acdaddy (1 year ago)
In response to yauyuso
While I see your point, I think that if I buy the Punisher title then the story should flow through Punisher. I should be able to grab the other titles if I want more info but they shouldn't be necessary simply to know what's going on. Punisher needed to flow from #9 to #10 to #11 and it doesn't. I don't like it.
yauyuso (1 year ago)
They way I see it, it's just a crossover Punisher story which you can either get 3 issues of Punisher or Avenging Spiderman,Punisher,DareDevil. It works out the same way but releasing the story through 3 separate titles gives readers a chance to get expose to other titles and their writing style. I just don't like needing to buy an issue of Avenging Spiderman for $3.99
acdaddy (1 year ago)
This issue pissed me off. I shouldn't have to buy 2 other books that aren't on my pull list just to get the whole story. I don't collect Avenging Spiderman or Daredevil and I refuse to give Marvel $$ for books I don't want to make sense of a story that's supposed to be contained within the book I bought.
Poor form Marvel, poor form. Don't let it happen again.

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