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Justice League (2011-) #2

Justice League (2011-) #2
Bagged: 58 Total votes: 61 Burned: 3
Written by: Geoff Johns
Pencils by: Jim Lee
Inks by: Scott Williams
Cover by: Jim Lee
Colored by: Alex Sinclair
What happens when the World's Greatest Detective takes on the world's most powerful alien? Batman and Superman throw down for the first time! Batman will need all his intellect, cunning and physical prowess to take on The Man of Steel--arguably the most powerful superbeing on Earth!
Format: FC, 40pg., COMIC
Price: $3.99
Views: 4144

User Reviews

Reviewer Rating Spoiler Review Date
acdaddy NO 11-13-2011
sfaheemuddin NO 11-01-2011
dantvman NO 10-26-2011
starksgirl "Bell" YES 10-21-2011
grunto_dencar NO 10-21-2011


ssweet (1 year ago)
In response to mmace
Burn it = bad
Bag it = good (as in, put it in a poly bag for preservation)
mmace (1 year ago)
I have a question. I've been on this thing for a couple of months now, and I can't figure out whether we are saying bagged to mean that we are getting it, or after we have gotten it that we recommend that someone else picks this up. Thanks for the help in advance.
mrjlaughslast (1 year ago)
I'm happy that Superman and the others aren't wearing their underwear over their pants now. I want to see what they do with the New 52; the cool thing is it allows a new generation in and not get lost. As far as Batman vs. Superman; who knows.
JonahKline (1 year ago)
In response to iaconpoint
I totally agree, i think so too, and that Geoff Johns might calm down with his comics? Like no big events and then it's gonna be somebody like Finch
iaconpoint (1 year ago)
I'm expecting this issue to be a splash page fest. Lots and lots of splash pages.
acdaddy (1 year ago)
In response to marshian84
In a stand-up fight, I agree with you. But then again, that's not really Batman's style, he always seems to have a trick or 3 up his sleeve. :-)
marshian84 (1 year ago)
I think we all know what would happen. SQUISH! no but really, that wouldn't make 40pgs

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