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The Shaolin Cowboy: Who'll Stop the Reign? #3 (MR) Aragones Var

The Shaolin Cowboy: Who\'ll Stop the Reign? #3 (MR) Aragones Var
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Writer: Darrow, Geof
Artist: Darrow, Geof
Cover Artist: Aragones, Sergio
It ain't Arby's but we got the meats when the Shaolin Cowboy goes to Halal and back. Caught between the cloven and the clawed, can a karate chop beat the pork chop and still win in a pinch? Hog Kong and King Crab and his band of minimum-wage assassins all say, 'NO!' Will our hero win by popular 'smote'-or die by electoral carnage?
Format: COMIC
Price: PI
Views: 0
This title may contain material inappropriate for younger readers.

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On Sale June 21, 2017
Publisher Dark Horse
Diamond Id: APR170029
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