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Saturday, March 17, 2018. New Comics were 3 days ago
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The Walking Dead Comic Series 2 Af Asst

The Walking Dead Comic Series 2 Af Asst
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The Governor features 28 points of articulation and includes a kitchen knife, pistol and alternate mutilated head & right arm. (#14442-0) The Governor's Daughter Zombie (Penny) features 12 points of articulation and includes a bucket of fresh body parts (severed leg, severed foot, severed hand, intestines, heart & Rick's severed hand) and a fish tank with trophy heads. (#14444-4) Michonne's Pet Zombie, Mike, comes with 17 points of articulation, neck collar and chain, tear off arms and jaw, and push in/pull out intestines. (#14443-7) Glenn in full riot gear come with 28 points of articulation and is equipped with two pistols, riot shield, baton, gas can and removable helmet with flip-up visor. (#14441-3) (#14440-6)
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