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Team 14 (One-Shot) Altiner Cvr A

Team 14 (One-Shot) Altiner Cvr A
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Story/Art by Alp Altiner, Colors by Joel Chua
Cover A by Alp Altiner, Cover B by Eric Basaldua
A string of brutal murders take place with no witnesses, no motives, and no trace left behind. It sounds like the perfect crime but sometimes the truth is harder to believe. For the past 25 years, a secret government agency known as Team 14 has been investigating the paranormal. Using experimental technology, they've been able to identify supernatural beings and in some cases even capture them. Now there are more paranormal crimes than ever but this time they are using the ghosts own powers against them.
Format: FC, 32pg., ONE-SHOT
Price: $3.99
Views: 6555

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On Sale July 30, 2008
Publisher Digital Webbing
Diamond Id: APR083779
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