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Death Be Damned: Summary


Seven outlaws have killed Miranda Coler and her family, but her death turned out to be a little less permanent than they expected. Blessed with the inability to fully die until she exacts revenge on her family's killers, but cursed to lose a part of her memories every time she's "killed," Miranda will need the help of Joseph Murray, an undertaker dabbling in necromancy hoping to bring back his wife, if she's ever to find peace. Ben Acker and Ben Blacker (Deadpool Vs. Gambit, The Thrilling Adventure Hour) team up with Hannah Christenson (Jim Henson's The Storyteller: Dragons, Harrow County) for a supernatural tale of revenge in the Old West, perfect for fans of Pretty Deadly and The Sixth Gun.

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Death Be Damned #3

Death Be Damned #3

Writer: Acker, Ben
Artist: Christenson, Hannah
Cover Artist: Christenson, Hannah
After surviving their latest dance with death, Joseph and Miranda begin to share the heartbreak that led them into this situation.
On Sale: April 19, 2017
Product ID: FEB171340
Format: COMIC
Price: $3.99
Views: 0

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