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Btvs Season 11 #7 Main Morris Cvr

Btvs Season 11 #7 Main Morris Cvr

Writer: Gage, Christos N.
Artist: Isaacs, Rebekah
Cover Artist: Morris, Steve
Having determined that breaking out of the Safe Zone is impossible, Buffy and Willow struggle with the decision of having their magic removed so that they can return to the world outside-in the hopes that breaking in to the magical internment camp might go easier. But once their magic is gone, will two normal human girls be able to succeed? o Catch 'deleted scenes' on the variant covers! 'Any Buffy fan is going to be stoked about this new series, Season 11, and a new story arc of awesomeness!'-ComicWow TV
On Sale: May 31, 2017
Product ID: MAR170075
Format: COMIC
Price: $3.99
Views: 0

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