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Friday, November 17, 2017. New Comics were 2 days ago
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Deathstroke (2016-): Summary

Years of publication: 2016 to present


A thousand enemies, a thousand killsâ€"Deathstroke is the world’s greatest assassin. Stalked by an unseen foe, Slade Wilson is confronted by his own troubled past and challenged to reinvent himself before he loses everything and everyone in his life. Can Deathstroke be redeemed? Or will his addiction to violence destroy him?

Latest Item

Deathstroke #25

Deathstroke #25

Writer: Priest, Christopher
Artist: Pagulayan, Carlo
Cover Artist: Sook, Ryan
'The Society'! After betraying another assassin and violating an unwritten code of conduct, Deathstroke is kidnapped and brought to stand trial before the Secret Society of Super Villains! Will Deathstroke pay for his crime? And what of Slade Wilson's recent turn toward heroism? Don't miss this special bonus-size landmark issue guest-starring The Riddler, Black Manta, Reverse-Flash and more!
On Sale: November 01, 2017
Product ID: SEP170285
Format: COMIC
Price: $4.99
Views: 0

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