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Midnighter (2006-2008): Summary

Years of publication: 2006 to present


The Midnighter, returning from a mission in war-torn Afghanistan, is accosted as he enters the Carrier. Something is terribly wrong; these unseen assailants take him down too easily and then drag him though the teleportation door to an unknown location. After regaining consciousness he is given a cryptic choice: either kill a mass murderer or die! 

Latest Item

Midnighter Vol. 3: Assassin8 TP

Midnighter Vol. 3: Assassin8 TP

Written by Keith Giffen; Art by Lee Garbett and Rick Burchett; Cover by Lee Garbett
Has Midnighter met his match? As the Authority's deadliest killing machine, the leather-clad "hero" can take a massive amount of pain. But when Midnighter runs into a new player named Assassin8, the tables are turned and suddenly it's Midnighter who may be down for the count!
On Sale: December 24, 2008
Product ID: SEP080196
Format: 168pg., TRADE PAPERBACK
Price: $14.99
Views: 336

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