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Saturday, April 19, 2014. New Comics were 3 days ago
34 Carmine St
New York City, NY 10014
(646) 656-1022
Store Hours
11 AM to 10 PM

11 Am to 12 midnight
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Carmine Street Comics


Carmine Street Comics is the comic shop for everyone. Where we all love comics, love to talk, and the staff knows your name like a small-town shop in the big city.
Located on historic Carmine St in the loud and proud West Village of New York City, Carmine Street Comics is both a comic-book store and a shared-open-comics-studio with a weekly calendar of in-store community-focused events.
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Signing up is free to do and allows you to see lists of the new releases months in advance! Then connecting to us allows you to reserve the stuff you like ahead so you don't miss it! We only ask that you work as far in advance as you can stand to, allowing us in turn to guarantee your stuff will be here as best as we can.
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Michael Novo (7 months ago)
In response to hl_11
THANKS hl_11 !!!!
hl_11 (7 months ago)
You guys kick major f'in' ass!
dpecsandthedoctor (9 months ago)
While a bit out of my way compared to the spiritual father of this store (Manhattan Comics and More), the vibe of the place, the awesome events that they do for such a small space, and one of the best indie comics sections I've seen in Manhattan, keeps me coming back. Thanks to Jon and Mike for starting up a great comic shop.
sarj5000 (11 months ago)
This place is great. Good people. Jon and Mike are friendly. Wonderful business, great location, and great vibe. Haters can hate. That dbag up top is an idiot.
Michael Novo (11 months ago)
In response to Gettineven
Posting here about an issue with another business is kind of silly.
Would you like us to put you in contact with Mr. Conte?
Jon & Mike
Gettineven (11 months ago)
Is Robert Conti involved with this location? He has lots of Inventory that belongs to me & several others that is stolen!!!...I sure would hate to see it end up in this store! somehow i feel the 2 are connected!
emmanuel419 (11 months ago)
I'd shop there earlier and I fell in love with the place. Keep it up guys.
slantedfraction (11 months ago)
Yea, this place doesn't sound righteous or anything related to that, or anything related to the relation of what I just related.
BobMan83 (11 months ago)
Place looks great guys! Keep up the good work!
dukeswimpunk (11 months ago)
Good luck! I will stop by soon.
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