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Saturday, January 20, 2018. New Comics were 3 days ago
The Pull List service will be ending soon. Click here for more information.
37 North Main st.
Rochester, NH 03867
(603) 330-9636
Twitter: @!/jetpackcomics
Facebook Page
Store Hours
Monday - Thursday: 10-8
Friday: 10-10:30(Friday Night Magic 7-whenever it ends. The Jetpack Clubhouse stays open late for our gamers!)
Saturday: 10-8:00
Sunday: 10-6
Retail Connection
Jetpack Comics works with comiXology, so you can pull your comics here and pick them up at the store!
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Jetpack Comics


Rochester, NH's own Jetpack Comics.
Everything comics, from current issues, trade paperbacks, Hardcovers, back issues, you name it.
We also deal in gaming, from hard to find board games, to Magic: The Gathering, WARHAMMER (40K & Fantasy), Pokemon, Yugioh, World of Warcraft(minis and CCG), HeroClix, Legend of the Five Rings, and more!
In addition to all this, we stock an impressive selection of Doctor Who & Walking Dead merchandise, toys, statues, busts, t-shirts, and Marvel and DC lead figurines. Come check us out!
Last updated: Mon, 02 Mar 2009 17:27:12 -0500
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peterpaz (4 months ago)
Awesome store!
mweis001 (5 months ago)
Hello Jetpack!!!
MistahJ68 (2 months ago)
To Ralph
Im trying this does my pull list come to you?? then i just show up and they are waiting for me???
djcarve (2 months ago)
To Ralph...The comic Dali Lahma.......Im finally here!!
Andy Parker (8 months ago)
I'd do him, but only if he kept his glasses on & let me call him clark
Superdan83 (8 months ago)
I can't make any friends at comixology! How bad isn't it that i can't make friends on a social networking sight for comic book nerds?
gregchick1 (9 months ago)
Jetpack Comics - where the staff knows you more than you wish, you enjoy being greeted with an insult to your week's pull list, and you dream about all the ways you could spend your christmas bonus on just yourself at the store
Superdan83 (9 months ago)
here yah go! I'm on comixology! dan
Ampeauty (9 months ago)
Jetpack Rocks my face! That Ralph guy is sexy too....Can I say that on here? lol

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