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326 Fell St
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 621 - 6543
Twitter: @jamessime
Facebook Page
Store Hours
Tues - Fri
11am - 7pm
Sat - Sun
11am - 6pm
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More than just a comic book store, the Isotope proudly represents the bleeding edge of comic retailing modernism. The Isotope is the first of its kind, combining a comic store, an original comic art gallery, an active workshop/meeting place for creative individuals, and a relaxing get-away from the pressures of life.
With a swank lounge atmosphere usually reserved for the most expensive of night spots, guests at the Isotope can chill out in high style with a graphic novel in hand on our leather sofa, or kick back for a quiet read on our ample seating.
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flanagan (1 year ago)
I've been reading comics for more than a few decades from the days when everything came spinning off a rack at the 7-11 to the well-stocked rows and specialty wares at Coliseum of Comics (Florida). Today, I walked into Isotope for the first time and felt at home within seconds. James is awesome and friendly, and I suspect that he may actually be a superhero in disguise.
RudySolis (1 year ago)
Best. Comic shop. Ever. I literally pass 3 closer shops on the way to Isotope. That's how good it is.
Greg Hinkle (1 year ago)
Whenever I talk to family or friends that live outside of San Francisco they all tell me how lucky I am to live here. They always mention all the museums and tourist attractions, the never-ending stream of "interesting characters" and festivals, and the food. Oh! The food! As fun as all those things are, and as much as they contribute to the feel of San Francisco, none of those would be reason enough to stay here forever. Only one of this city's fixtures could keep me here:
Isotope Comics.
I've loved comics for my entire life and I've always taken pride in my knowledge of the industry, but I never really knew what love for comics was until I met James Sime. This man- nay! this Legend - breathes comics, eats comics, dreams comics, and I swear if you could get close enough he'd smell like comics. Hell, he helped develop this site! James and the rest of his staff (which is ever-changing) all share a love for these books, as well as a desire to help YOU love these books. Wednesday's are the highlight of my week because of Isotope.
I never thought that I'd have a drink in a comic book store. I also never thought I'd meet Tim Sale or Dave Johnson. ( I really never thought I'd talk with Dave Johnson about the drunk girl throwing herself at unassuming comic fans all night.) Chris Onstad's very first book signing! James and Gang know everyone in the industry and know how to throw a damn decent party. And as an artist its always a kick to get to see original art, from some of your heroes, on the wall. I've learned more about working in the comic business from just being in this store than I had in the decade before.
James and the rest of the Isotope Collective have always made me feel at home, brightened my days, and provided an aspiring comic creator with a wellspring of inspiration that will never run dry.
Kyle Minor (1 year ago)
Isotope is THE comics shop. Owner James Sime just GETS IT: Customer service, the fun of comics, the artistry of comics... all of it. I don't have a problem with your traditional LCS, but Isotope is a different -- and BETTER -- animal altogether. There are couches to hang out on, browsing and conversation are encouraged, and don't miss James' many great parties where he hosts comics pros and fans from all over the place. James and the staff at Isotope just really know how to treat customers, whether it's your first visit or your 500th. Shop there and you won't be sorry!
AdamFarrar (1 year ago)
The Isotope is great. I started going almost five years ago, and I keep coming back each week because of how much fun it is to visit James and co. When you enter the store the staff goes out of their way to welcome you and encourage you to spend time there either browsing, reading, chatting and maybe even relaxing with a drink. It is very easy to let the time pass by while you discuss your pull list or Wally Wood’s career or restaurants or events in the city or anything else. And of course no mention of the Isotope would be complete without a mention of their parties, where the store becomes one of the hottest spots in town with great custom drinks, fantastic music and a lively crowd all brought together to celebrate a great creator or accomplishment in the world of comics. I’ve been exposed to a wider range of comics (including a fantastic selection of mini-comics) and creators than I would have at any other store. Thanks gang!
Richard Ng (1 year ago)
Isotope is the greatest comic shop around! The owner and staff at Isotope are top notch in making you feel welcome and helping you to find what you're looking for! Great events, great staff, great place to hang out!
Chappers (1 year ago)
Super chill lounge atmosphere, with a great selection of trades, new books, and even mini comics, Isotope has the kind of vibe you wished your comic store growing up had. With an in store art gallery, regular signings, and in store parties and events, and the fabulous toilet seat art display this is definitely the coolest comic lounge in the Bay. Proprietor Jame Sime is a great guy who knows his books, and you can feel comfortable to grab a seat in the store and page through really anything you like. This is a store full of friendly people, and an inviting atmosphere. Make this a stop when you're in town.

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