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Tuesday, May 26, 2015. New Comics TOMORROW!


    Please see below for our current open positions. Don't see a position here, but think you might be able to contribute? Send an email and cover letter to

  • Senior Mobile Developer

    We're looking for a Senior Mobile developer who can work on one or more of our mobile platforms - iOS or Android. We develop our own application, Comics, as well as white label applications for some of our publishing partners, including Marvel and DC.

    Key Responsibilities:

    • Architect and develop existing and new applications
    • Schedule deliverables and execute against deadlines
    • Manage several direct reports on a per project basis
    • Develop new features and maintain existing code


    • 10+ years professional programming experience
    • Excellent knowledge of object oriented programming, preferably JAVA or Objective C
    • Experience with the Application submission and provisioning procedures
    • Familiarity with mobile interfaces, mobile interaction guidelines and best practices
    • Design knowledge of standards & trends, software development process and prototyping/design.
    • Experience with unit testing frameworks and test driven development
    • Experience with bug tracking & source control
    • Very strong debugging skills

    Would be great:

    • Published apps available in the Apple store or Android Marketplace
    • LAMP development experience
    • Knowledge of design patterns
    • Computer Science / Engineering background or degree
    • Familiarity with JIRA & SVN
    • You're a fan of Comics!!

    Competitive compensation, including equity options and full benefits.

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