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Chickenhare Vol. 2: Fire in the Hole TP

Chickenhare Vol. 2: Fire in the Hole TP
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By: Chris Grine
Things are going from bad to worse for our feathered and furry friend Chickenhare and his partner in hijinks Abe! Their narrow escape from the evil taxidermist Klaus is going to seem like a cakewalk compared to the dangers they'll face in the sequel to the Eisner- nominated graphic novel, Chickenhare: The House of Klaus.
Magic and mayhem are about to collide, along with some pointy pitchforks, a few unexpected relatives, and more laughs than a barrel full of wet shromph as the Chickenhare and Abe learn the origins of their mysterious fellow escapees Meg and Banjo-and what this means to our friends is nothing but trouble!
Format: BW, 200pg., TRADE PAPERBACK
Price: $10.95
Views: 1185

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Publisher Dark Horse
Diamond Id: DEC070061
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