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Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I unable to purchase comics on my iPhone? I am getting a "This is not a Sandbox account" error?
More then likely you are running a jail broken iPhone with the application Cydia installed. Cydia has been documented to block in app purchases. Unfortunately we cannot support jail broken iPhones, but googling "sandbox, in-app and cydia" should help you to find a solution.
Why do I have to sign up for a comiXology account in order to buy comics on my iPhone?
The reason why we require a comiXology account to purchase digital comics is because we keep a record of your digital comics collection. This makes it easy for you to transfer your collection to a new compatible device, without having to re-purchase items. It also allows you to view your collection on any upcoming delivery methods, buy once, view many.
I never received my confirmation email, can you resend it?
You can get your confirmation email resent using the following link Link. Please note that if you have an Earthlink account that you must first add and to your approved email list.
How do I reset my password?
You can reset your password using the following Link.
I lost my username, how do I retrieve it?
You can retrieve your username using the following Link.
What is the difference between Pull and Subscribe?
To "Pull" a comic is to place that individual issue into your Pull List. "Subscribe" means that any future issue of the same series will automatically be added to your pull list.
Subscriptions allow you to select which types of items you want to be automatically added to your Pull List, and you can edit your subscriptions via the Subscriptions Tab.
What is a "Pull List"?
A Pull List is a list of items collectors compile and provide to their local retailers. The retailer then in turn, "Pulls" these items as they arrive in the stores. Most lists are prepared with pen and paper and aren't easily managed. Online Pull Lists from comiXology™ allow collectors to plan what they want to buy online and either designate them to be pulled by a participating retailer, or print out those lists and provide them to their local retailer. The comiXology™ Onlinel Pull List system also allows visitors of the site to see what comics people are reading, and exposes them to items they wouldn't normally purchase.
In addition to making sure fans can get the comics they want, some retailers provide an additional incentive for setting up a Pull List—check with your local retailer for more information.
Retailers can use comiXology’s online pull list service as a way to manage in-store subscriptions and pulls, increasing sales, expanding product offerings, and increasing efficiency. If you are a retailer and would like to get more information on Online Pull Lists, please contact us at
What is iCOS (iComicsOnSale)?
iCOS is the Dashboard Widget that started it all, and compliments the comiXology™ website. If you are a Macintosh user, the iCOS Dashboard Widget allows you to browse shipping and expected comics, as well as manage your Pull Lists. Download it Now!
What does "This item is unconfirmed." mean?
Every week Diamond Comics (the sole distributor of comic books in the United States) releases a list of what items will be released in retail stores that week. Items included on that list are marked as being "confirmed", items not included on that list, but still indicated as being available that week by the publisher are marked as "unconfirmed". In the case of unconfirmed items, its best to check with your local retailer for availability.
What is "Bag It/Burn It"?
For comic enthusiasts, comics are not disposable periodicals, but cherished items that are stored as part of a every growing collection. To ensure these items are protected collectors store these issues in Mylar bags, accompanied by a backing board which prevents the issue from being folded.
So "Bag It/Burn It" is a simple "Love It/Hate It" method of ranking a comic book, "Bagging It" means this issue is worth cluttering your closet with, while "Burning It" signifies this issue isn't worth keeping.
Can you add [enter your requested feature here]?
We are constantly trying to improve ourselves, please feel free to offer your suggestions.

FAQ (for Windows 8 Comics App)

The Windows 8 Comics by comiXology app is just a Preview of what you'll see in the final version, so we do appreciate your patience as we work to improve and refine what you're using right now! This FAQ will help answer any questions you might have about this new Windows 8 preview app:

How do I register?
For now you can use the "Create Account" action button to load the device browser. You will be redirected to After the form is submitted and you activate your account via email, you can log in. If for some reason that fails, you can force-quit or restart our app to give logging in another try. There is more to come in our next release and that includes a stream-lined registration interface.
Why are some things not showing in the Store?
If this is your first time logging into the Windows 8 Preview app and your screen is displaying a loading animation, it's likely things are still loading. If you see any hiccups with items not loading in the Store entirely, send an email to and we can do some digging.
Why is my content not 'viewable'?
After you sign in and allow your library to load, everything should show ready for Download. If there are are any books missing from your account, please let us know at
Why am I seeing a " No Purchases" message?
It's possible that some books are not in the Store quite yet for our Preview app, but we're working on stream-lining that as well. If you have any questions in particular, you can email for more information.
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