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All Comments for "Horizon Comics, Lancaster, CA 93534" (16)

88fingersjaime (1 year ago)
Hello, I have been buying from your Ebay store recently. I contacted you through Ebay about a subscription service. You told be to set up my pull list through this site. I just want to make sure I have done everything that I need to.
musashi47 (1 year ago)
Hey Roger. How its going I'm seeing that I can send some business your way I like the store and you have awsome deals and your very helpful as well. I'll come in on saturaday.
JanetChibiMoon (1 year ago)
I love this store! Just started a pull list recently, it's awesome! You rule Roger!
Cesar Parker (1 year ago)
Went to Horizon for the first time yesterday. I've been there twice more since! With customer service like this why go anywhere else?
eddyiscool (11 months ago)
Love it here. Use to always go to Bases, cause it's closer and service isn't bad there neither, but when I come here I feel like home. Friendly service and I just love it here! Always have what I need.
alexbernavon (4 months ago)
i signed up for your subscription service i live in new jersey and would like the comics shipped to me i would like to know if i have filled out everything correctly.
thank you alex
baloutitou (4 months ago)
Hi I sent you several mails about my orders and the fact that GIJOE 180 was totally missing. CAn you look at this? Thanks
Cesar Parker (3 months ago)
Just hooked up my boy bfehervary on his Pull List! Finally!! Welcome to Comixology bfehervary! Horizon Rocks!! Keep on doin' it Roger!
ZG1400A (1 month ago)
I set up my pull list about a month ago. I hope I did it all correctly. When will I see an invoice so I can get my comics shipped to me?
ZG1400A (1 month ago)
In response to ZG1400A
Just paid my invoice! You've always had great service on your eBay store and I am looking forward to adding more to my pull list in the upcoming year! As dodgerdog05 said: Horizon Rocks!!
Blainelongjohn (2 years ago)
Been to a lot of shops over the years, and Horizons is by far the friendliest I've ever been to. Roger and his staff are super helpful, and He Knows Comics!
Dakota Phillips (1 year ago)
Roger treats me like an old friend everytime I step into his shop. He has terrific hair too! I can't wait till My next pull!!
Keberhardt62 (1 year ago)
Great shop. Very polite and made me feel like I was welcome since day one.
Jon_Knight (2 years ago)
HANDS DOWN... Best shop in the A.V
juniormints5 (1 year ago)
Brand new to the AV area and I was so used to my old local shop that I wasn't even sure Lancaster had a shop at all, until some dudes at Versus Comics (RIP) pointed me to this little slice of heaven, and I have been in love with this place ever since!
Carlos (11 months ago)
Best shop in the AV, period.
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