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All Comments for "Friendly Neighborhood Comics!, Bellingham, MA 02019" (24)

darkestknight82 (1 year ago)
flat out the most well organized, well lit, clean, comic store i've ever been to. it's clear that the owner understands both business and comics.
evanestal (1 year ago)
Beats everything else in the area hands down, lots of copies of popular books and incredible selection. Clean and attractive building. Best shop I've evern been in.
Grategatsby (1 year ago)
i'm just getting back into comics after about 15 years of not reading them, so its great to have a welcoming environment and an owner who talks about stories & characters with you; and like folks have already said - so well organized!
DaBundy (1 year ago)
I would agree with every post here. Out of the 4 stores within 30 minutes distance from each other, this one far exceeds the rest in all categories. The staff is great, the selection is awesome, and the store is well kept and just generally enjoyable to be in.
David Stoker (1 year ago)
I went to the signing this past weekend, and it was a real treat. This is by far the best comic shop in the area. Huge selection of everything you could want in comics, manga and toys. Great selection of collected versions too. Love this place. This is my only comic shop now.
bnewell1 (1 year ago)
This store has become the place I visit to escape the real world. The owner is very knowledgable and has a real passion for comics. He always helps me get the books I want.
Majic99 (1 year ago)
In response to bnewell1
Absolutely First-Class all the way! I wouldn't go anywhere else even if you paid me!
Brian71886 (1 year ago)
Definitely, one of, if not the best shop ive ever been into. The owner is a extremely nice guy, and he likes to get to know his regulars. The place is pristene, with an incredible selection.
Anonymous_1894 (1 year ago)
It's a 25 minute ride past three other comic shops for me but it's worth it. This store is bright, clean, well organized, fully stocked and loaded with comics, trade paperbacks, graphic novels, toys, statues and collectibles.
The owner is one of the nicest people you'll ever encounter.
I've been to every comic shop in the Northeast, and this one ranks with the best there are. Harrison's in Salem MA, Jim Hanley's in New York City and Friendly Neighborhood Comics in Bellingham!
Anonymous_2034 (1 year ago)
If the location wasn't great enough...Ernie is a wonderful guy to deal with. I've been out of the comics scene for years, and I went in and give him a basic idea of the titles I was into. He heard me out, then made a set of suggestions that were RIGHT ON for what I had described. And the sort of "next step" titles that he recommended also turned out to be the kind of thing I was into! I don't want to say he's a mind reader or anything; I think it relates far more to the depth of his knowledge about the world of comics. I'm also a Magic player, and he's gone out of his way to see if we can set up some matches at odd times that accommodate my schedule. This level of customer service is rare these days. I'm grateful the store is there and I'm proud to note that I will not be buying Magic OR comics online anymore. It's worth supporting the great kind of service you get at FNC. See you soon!
jonesie3419 (1 year ago)
One of the best comic book shops I have ever been too. The owner as well as the rest of the staff are extremely friendly. The store is supper clean and the selection is unbelievable. I would not dream of going to another shop.
dark turtle (11 months ago)
FNC is a great store and hangout. I don't just go there for comics. I get my manga, Magic cards, and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards there. I love to play Magic with the guys there on Fridays and when I can I play Yu-Gi-Oh! on Saturday mornings. The staff is awesome and I'm good friends with them. If you go, I can almost promise you you'll buy something!
rriker (10 months ago)
I go about an hour out of my way just to go here. LOVE the place and Ern always lives up to the "Friendly" part of his shop's name. I only wish there were more in MA.
Darkseid51 (9 months ago)
This store has a very nice setup & friendly owner. It truly lives up to the shop's name. I've been to many comic shops throughout the east coast and although this store isn't the main store I go to, it'll be one I visit every so often.
chrisinboston (6 months ago)
Finally making my return to comic book reading after about 18 years. Dropped into FNC today to check out some stuff that was recommended to me by some friends and wasn't sure what to expect going into a comic book shop...
It was AWESOME! Had a great conversation with Ernie and another customer. Such a welcoming place as well as friendly owner. Lives up to the name of the store!
Ernie's the man, glad I've gotten back into this stuff, and I'm glad I've got such a great shop and owner closeby!
ChrisMJ (3 months ago)
Ernie has made jumping back into the world of comic books easy and enjoyable. I visited his shop, (The first comic shop I have entered in probably 5+ years) and he quickly made sure that all of my comic needs were met.
The shop is a great environment for Geeks and Noobs a like. It was cool to see what a comfortable environment it was and how the customers were as friendly as he was. Ernie and Friendly Neighborhood Comics has now become my ONLY stop for all of my comic needs.
jaybrown316 (2 years ago)
fantastic owner and staff, Ernie the owner is a fantastic store owner, and an even better person. It is always a pleasure shopping at Friendly Neighborhood Comics, it is always well stocked with current comics. The store is always nice and clean, and the other staff members are also very friendly and helpful. I have found my permanate Friendly Neighborhood Comics store!
Dug E Frsh (1 year ago)
I almost never write reviews about businesses but I felt that I should here. Friendly Neighborhood Comics is an hour out of my way (Cape Cod MA) but that our drive is worth it for the outstanding customer service. This was my first trip to this store and they definitely live up to there name. I had called looking for a specific issue of Batman Detective Comics and Ernie had answered the phone. Not only did he have it in stock (the only one of several places I called) but he was quick to ask if I wanted it set aside. As I hung up with him, I had realized that a few other issues of comics I followed were coming out on Wednesday. When I called Ernie back and told him I wouldn't be in for a couple days (because I wanted to get everything in one trip), He had no problem with holding it longer, and even asked the other titles I was looking for and pulled those for me as well.
When I arrived after my hour drive on Wednesday morning, Ernie had just what I needed waiting for me and mentioned their pull list system. I only read a few titles and was pleased to hear there was not a minimum amount of titles I had to pull to be eligable, and mentioned I probably would sign up. We got to talking about how there were no comic shops in the Cape area (and he pondered the possibility of opening one down here *crosses fingers*) and when I got checked out, he mentioned he had given me the 10% off that existing pull list members get on everything in the store (which I hadn't signed up for yet) and said I can put the savings in the gas tank for the long drive.
Needless to say when I got home I made an account on comixology and listed Friendly Neighborhood Comics as my retailer. I highly recommend this place to any comic reader in the Plymouth/Cape Cod area.
Murdockbats23 (1 year ago)
Still an awesome place, great stop for all comic fans
Zig2K (11 months ago)
Without a doubt the BEST comic shop in Massachusetts!
DenFrenzy (2 months ago)
There is a Newbury Comics 5 minutes from my house but I make the half hour drive to Bellingham every week to go to Friendly Neighborhood Comics. I no longer have to worry that my favorite titles will be sold out or not carried at all because the store is always well stocked.
In addition to the selection the store also host a number of great events like Dan Slott signing Amazing Spider-Man #698 the day it was released.
Highest possible recommendation.
enigma1311 (1 month ago)
i live in smithfield RI and once to twice a week i make the trip to FNC just cuz its the best place to get all my comic needs. And the staff is amazing
chrismascio (1 year ago)
This store has got me back into comics. Great selection and better people, can't go wrong.
Anonymous_6005 (1 year ago)
My husband and I absolutely love this store. Not only do they have the best selection of comics, they also have an outstanding staff there, that are well know ledged in the comic book world.
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