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Thursday, January 18, 2018. New Comics were YESTERDAY!
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All Comments for "Comic Fortress, Somerville, NJ 08876" (14)

Jared L (1 year ago)
Good staff; very friendly and has a large knowledge of the comic scene.
Eric (1 year ago)
The staff at Comic Fortress is very friendly and helpful. They keep everything organized so it's easy to get caught up even if you can only get to the store once a month and you don't have a pull list. Their selection of graphic novels, toys, action figures, statues, and other comic related merchandise is impressive. The only drawback is that they focus almost exclusively on American action comics, so if you're into reading another genre, you might need to put in a special request or check somewhere else.
zabel54 (1 year ago)
they are very helpful will work with you to get what you need if they can get it. They have a great selection of toys,figures,statues some are real big check em out and nice displays.
CaptainOtter (1 year ago)
A great staff. As someone new comics, they were incredibly helpful in pointing me in the right direction to get set up. Really nice guys and really helpful.
Aquaman (1 year ago)
Great place! I go every week! Awesome selection of everything.
ambrosescience (11 months ago)
just got back into collecting comics about half a year ago. been to quite a few shops since then, these guys are by far the best . . .
monkeyrhahn (3 months ago)
I Have been coming to this shop for ever the guys who work in there are great.
mcbabz (2 months ago)
I just got back into comics after about a 20 year excursion to the wilderness, the staff has been extremely helpful in trying to get me back into the DC & Marvel "flow" (wow, have things changed!!!). Very helpful as well in directing me to this great site/service!
cajuncyclr (1 year ago)
Love this store. Introduced my kid to comics and this store made it fun for both of us! This is Khiro.
rwayneross (9 months ago)
I went to my local comic shop recently and left quite disappointed - it was cramped and dimly-lit - and the clerk was somewhat rude. I decided to take the 20+ minute ride farther to Comic Fortress and loved it! It was roomy, well-lit the staff was friendly and helpful. The selection was good, the store neat & clean and the ComiXology link was a bonus. I have found me new comics shop!!!
Merrilin (8 months ago)
This is undoubtedly the best comic shop around. The environment is great and the staff is extremely amiable. No cave trolls here! I go out of my way to come here.
TheCosmicCube (2 years ago)
Used to go to the old store every Wednesday when I was in high school but the place is even better after the move. Even though I live closer to a store in New Brunswick Im going out of my way to shop here from now on.
roorii (1 year ago)
this place is incredible. every comic book shop I looked into before finding this gem, was mediocre to say the least. they all seemed to be a front for a magic the gathering cult. this place is by far the most legit comic shop around. literally won't shop anywhere else from here on out.
Anonymous_6389 (1 year ago)
This store is absolutely wonderful. My wife and I come in here basically once a week; they've got such a variety of items from a wide array of comic titles to figurines to collectibles and then on. The staff is wonderful as well. We LOVE this place!!!
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